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CSS3 Opacity and RGBA

CSS Opacity and Text Problem

If you’ve played with the CSS3 opacity property you may have noticed it forces the style down to child DOM elements. Sometimes this could be your desired effect, but there will be occasions where child elements need to maintain a 100% opacity while the parent element is opaque. CSS3 Opacity Demo You can barely read Read Post >

Apache Virtual Host

How to Setup a Virtual Host – Ubuntu 12.04

Setting up a new domain name with Apache can be done in just a couple steps. For this example we’re going to use Ubuntu 12.04, but the same logic should apply to most other operating systems. Before diving in, we’re going to make a few assumptions: If you have questions about these assumptions feel free Read Post >

Linux Terminal

Copy SSH key to server with one command

Using a password to access a remote server via SSH can be a real pain. By adding your public key to the server you will never have to enter your password again. You can push your public key onto the box by running the following:


Prevent PHP from caching in MAMP

If you recently installed or updated MAMP you may have noticed changes to your code are not always reflected in the browser. Since the release of PHP 5.5, OPcache is turned on by default. While OPcache can improve performance in production, it can cause a major headache during development. In order to turn OPcache off, Read Post >


Error: Can’t get stat of ‘*.csv’

Problem When running a MySQL query similar to this: You get an error like this: “Can’t get stat of ‘data.csv’” Solution Try changing to